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Ship Chandler Port Said

Ship Chandler Port Said Eghypt is a full services registered company in The Egypt for import and exporters general ship chandler supply services. Ship chandler Port Said company was founded in 1994 with a very simple statement in mind to offer the best quality maritime products at the lowest possible price.
Ship chandler has been our core business for over 22 years.
Ship chandler Port Said Specialises in offering innovative and uncompromising solutions for your boat using the highest quality marine products.
Ship chandler Port Said company Has a large range of products from the well stocked chandlery.Shipchandler Port Said offers the most complete line of maritime products,safety products,medical items,security products, provisions, beverages, engine stores, deck stores, electrical equipments, lashing & unlashing, personal items, fresh water supply, maintenance supply, painting,spikes & protectors, electronics product-sludge and Garbage collection.

Ship chandler Port Said company expanded its business into import & export agency.we export General merchandise, Aluminum, cashew, scraps, groundnuts, cupped, fresh seafoods, shrimps, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, vegetables, fruits, seeds etc.

Ship chandler Port Said company strive for culinary and services,Excellence has become our trademark and the cornerstone of our success.Loyalty to the brand is a big asset in an industry.

Ship chandler Port Said offers professional courtesy whiles offering wholesale and retail supply services. Ship chandler Port Said pour all our efforts in giving you the best quality and goods and services.
Ship chandler Port Said are proudly serving the worlds finest vessels at Egypt Port Authority.

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