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Ship Chandler Suez

Ship chandler Suez providing fastest and best service at Suez Canal during your vessel stay at Norh or South anchorage area and Bouth bound or nortbound transit passage. Our professional 16 persons arranging your ship’s all kinds ship requistion needs 7/24 . Our all staf many years worked on board and they are very well know sea life. Always arranging best quality provisions, deck stores, engine stores, ship publications and ship medicines. For all kind ship needs please contact with us sure Ship chandler Suez will provide to your ship best price/offer. Today many ship owner company finding real ship supplier / ship chandler via from internet and make to profit will per cent seventy five some time percent one hundered, because they never pay any comission to ship agency and other supplier provider.

Sea life have been big crisis since last 6-7 month also supplies works so low, but ship chandler Suez not thinking only today; we thinking tomorrows, next weeks, nexth monts and future years. Ship chandler Suez always targetted with lowest profit many ship supplies and ship chandler works really if you contact with us you will make good profits.

Also Ship chandler Suez arranging various ship repair works and spare part supplies

Ship Repair, Maintenance and Annual Controls

– All types of ship repair, maintenance and pooling of experience and expertise to work fully in this regard made by the technical personnel,

– All kinds of Marine Electronics, Life and supply of fire safety equipment, annual maintenance / testing and making necessary repairs, Conducting the annual survey process, Diving and video capture process, On & Off hire etc. , Making survey controls

Spare parts and materials supply and transit component operations, long-term supply of all kinds of spare parts and materials that ship chandler suez experienced technical staff to provide service experience;
However, the staff in our company, our customs transit, transit-transfer process to be done quickly and economically

Fuel, Oil, Sweet Water supply and waste collection from ships should

Fuel, oil and fresh water in reference to your valuable shipment of the order is carried out quickly.
waste reception from the ship in the port of Suez Canal and all Egypt ports and is maintained by the Municipality, which is necessary for the coordination of the ship waste to be desired

Pelase 7/24 contact with us via supply@shipchandleralexandria.com

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